Paper & Documents

We really enjoy collecting original arcade related paper work from back in the day. The bound books stacked on the floor in the first picture are a 75% complete collection of Play Meter magazines. These came out of a library and are bound into books. This has made scanning the articles and flyers near impossible, so we have taken digital pictures instead. That is why the articles pages are so hard to read.

We are missing a bunch of the Play Meters from the bronze age and several from the golden age, so if you have a bunch of these let us know.

The second photo shows our manual collection. We have around 150 different manuals for classic games. We have sold most of our repeats and new game manuals. We really need to get some more soon 🙂

We also have a complete collection of Star Tech journals, up to about 1997. We’ll probably scan in some reviews when we get the time.