News & History

Here is a historical list of updates that were made to the content on this Williams Duramold website.


Going ahead and posting a partial update.

  • Defender articles added
  • Home and back buttons added (what a pain)
  • Added a few more pictures to other games
  • Fixed a few typos
  • Added more pictures to some games

Coming Soon

  • Earning charts for each game
  • More pictures and documents
  • Fixing defender

– Autumn graduated with her masters in ME! The computer is finally freed up 🙂


– Made pages work better with Mozilla


– The web page is still a work in progress.

-Stuff to be done:

  • Finish Other Games section
  • Add more article scans/ pictures
  • Write article about history of duramold cabinet
  • Work on Paper & Documents Section
  • Fix Defender cocktail and finish page
  • Clean up buttons and banners
  • Basically work on every page 😛

– Launched this website